The Amazing Twitter Craze – To Tweet or not to Tweet

“Twitter!” It sounds so tiny and petite.

Take a look at the cute little words they use.  “Tweet,  twittering and tweetback.”

But don’t let that mislead you.  It’s a humungous craze – The twitter craze is really a birdlike chat cult that has spread into a worldwide feeding frenzy.  And it’s spreading across the internet world quicker than you can scatter a bag of birdseed to a ravenous flock of birds.

But don’t think it only caters for tiny little seed eaters.  There are ravens, eagles and ostriches out there! The biggest marketers on the internet are flocking in droves to deliver their marketing messages via Twitter. It’s that effective!

It appears that the whole idea is to get thousands of “birds” to follow you.  You drop your trail of birdseed in the form of interesting snippets of information and then you sit back and watch a flock of hungry birds pecking it all up.

I thought I’d be able to tweet a message to hundreds or even thousands with the click of a button. But it isn’t quite so easy.

What they don’t tell you is that there are birds of many different feathers out there.  And birds can be very particular. They only feed on the morsels that they fancy.

So the little birdseeds that you have just cast out can very well lie there unnoticed while the juicier fat grubs are being gobbled up at an enviable rate.
So how to crack this nut?

Well there’s a tiny little secret. The trick is to decide what type of birds you want to feed. And only then should you put out onto your feeder the appropriate fare.

After that, they tell me, you can sit back and wait for your flock of hungry birds to arrive.

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Happy Tweeting!

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