Craft and Create” is a forum where you will find information and discussions about some of the most fascinating crafts, hobbies and unusual interests. It’s all about creativity and creative ideas in its various guises because creativity has many aspects to it and covers such a wide field.

These pages are meant to inspire you with creative thoughts and ideas so that  you can get in touch with your own creativity.

I’ll be writing about some of my own crafts and activities in the hopes that they will act as a springboard for discussion.

My own crafts and interests include handwriting analysis, flower pressing, writing and gardening.

My Graphology website is called Graphology World

You can also connect with me at Twitter and Facebook

Twitter: https://twitter.com/grapho

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/FlowerPressing

Facebook for Graphology: https://www.facebook.com/GraphologyWorld

With best wishes for your own creativity,

Sandra Fisher

To start with, here is a picture of my Step by Step Guide about pressing flowers and making your own greeting cards.

Flower Pressing Secrets

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