The Graphology ReviewGraphology is one of my very special interests. Not only does it give you insight into people and their behaviour, it also helps you to understand what makes them tick.

And the amazing thing is that personality features of all types are reflected in handwriting.  It’s a fascinating study and you can learn all about it in The Graphology Review.

It’s packed with tips and secrets to help you gain insight into the real meaning of your handwriting. Or any other handwriting for that matter!

Articles in The Graphology Review have ranged from a discussion of the strange handwriting of “Jill with the Remarkable Memory” to an explanation of the handwriting of Michael Jackson.

I write all the articles personally for my graphology friends and handwriting analysis enthusiasts.

So if you are interested in finding out what you can learn about people from their handwriting then this may just open up a new and worthwhile interest for you.

The Graphology Review is completely free and there is no obligation. So if you want it check out Graphology in action with explanations and examples at The Graphology Review.


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