Flower pressing

Pressing Flowers boosts Creativity and Reduces Stress

Pressed CoreopsisIf you’re on the lookout for an inspiring and creative craft that you can really enjoy you should think about pressing flowers.

For one thing, flower pressing is a wonderful boost to creativity – which is a gift in itself.  But it’s also a great stress reducer and that is certainly one of its most appealing qualities. It takes your mind off everything because it becomes quite addictive and all you need to do is concentrate on your lovely flowers and designs.

You’ll be pleased to know that you can learn to press flowers rather quickly. And once you get started you’ll be amazed at the variety of articles that you can make and decorate with your lovely collection of pressed flowers.

How to use pressed flowers

Pressed flowers are ideal for making colourful and original greeting cards.  You can also use them to make pictures for framing.  I have used smaller pressed flower pictures in sets of three to decorate a little girl’s bedroom.

You can use your pressed flowers to decorate boring looking telephone directories.  My own telephone directory  is quite a conversation piece!

Candles, photo albums and lampshades look great with applications of pressed flowers artistically placed in one corner.  There is no end to the various ways you can use your collection of flowers. You are truly limited only by your imagination.

A really big plus is that the tools you need for pressing flowers are simple and easy to obtain. You’ll probably find that you have most of the requirements for flower pressing in your home already.

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