Flower pressing

How to Press Flowers For Greeting Cards – 5 Helpful Tips to Get You Started

How to Press Flowers

Pressed flowersOne of my favourite crafts is pressing flowers. If you haven’t tried it yet you don’t know what you’re missing!

I use pressed flowers to make greeting cards and pictures and they always attract attention. But most of all, I enjoy making them.

Greeting cards made with pressed flowers are completely different from the ordinary printed variety. And you don’t have to be particularly artistic – the flowers do everything for you!

Here are 5 of my flower pressing tips to get you started:

1.     An important tip when you start to press flowers is to make sure that you only use fresh flowers. Flowers that are not at their best tend to lose their colour very quickly.

2.     See to it that the flowers you press are always dry. Dry flowers press the best because they have little moisture to spoil them. Remember that any damp flowers will simply collect mould and even spoil any other pressed flowers that are next to them.

3.     Try to secure a regular source of flowers for your pressing. For example you will need to be able to rely on your own garden or a market or a florist for a suitable supply of flowers.

4.     Do not try to buy expensive flowers for pressing.  In general, the best flowers for pressing are the least expensive ones.  In fact, orchids, roses and exotic flowers do not press well at all. You will soon find that you will rely mainly on inexpensive, very ordinary and easily obtainable flowers.

5.     You also should not be tempted to invest in expensive equipment. A flower press can easily be made using readily available material that you have in your home. You can easily make a flower press with bricks and hardboard. There really is no need to complicate matters by purchasing ready made flower pressing kits.

Follow these tips and dive right in. Remember that the most important step of all is to get started. Begin with just a few flowers and you will soon start to experiment and enjoy this lovely creative craft.

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