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A Rich Traditional Fruity Christmas Cake


An Easy Traditional Fruity Christmas Cake with Brandy.
Here is an excellent Christmas cake that is very easy to make. It improves with age so it would be best to try to keep it for a while so that the flavours can blend and become even richer. It tastes good immediately but this is the type of cake that improves with time.  It lasts for ages (if your family can resist the temptation) so the big advantage is that you can bake it well before you need it.

The ingredients are easy to find and it takes only a few minutes to put together.  It’s one of those “add everything together” recipes that works every time.

After you have boiled the ingredients together you simply mix in the remaining dry ingredients and voila! Your cake is ready to pop into the oven.

You will be thrilled with this cake because even though it is so easy to make, it turns out perfectly every time. And for those first time bakers out there the good news is that it never falls in!

You can decorate this cake as you wish – with or without icing.

This recipe can be used over and over again – and you don’t have to restrict it to Christmas. It’s a flavourful rich fruit cake that will grace any party table throughout the year.

You’ll find the recipe at Fiverr


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