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Crafting your Life with Passion

Crafting your life with passionI have discussed several types of crafts and creative interests in these posts where I have included some of my own interests as well as a number of other crafts.  

Of course there is so much in this field that I have not yet touched upon. 

But before I get diverted, there is one type of craft that I think is far more important than any of the others.

And yes – it’s about

Crafting your own life!

So many of us go through life from day to day at half mast! We get through the boredom of our daily tasks and sigh with relief as we tick them off our “to do” lists.

But what we don’t always realize is that we also create with our thoughts and actions.  They contribute hugely towards fashioning the circumstances of our lives.  And so, just by our attitudes alone we can lift our lives from the mundane and boring to the heights of creativity.

Of course it helps a lot if you have a craft or creative pursuit that you enjoy. But even if you don’t it helps to think of your life as a canvas.  A canvas that needs to be filled with beautiful designs – and some shadows of course – but these only serve to highlight the brilliant colours.

No truly creative work can be accomplished in a mood of boredom. A lacklustre attitude will permeate your craft. You have to be passionate about what you do.  You have to be in a state of fired creativity.


A Magical Sense of Flow

There is only one way to reach that level of passion.  You have to get in touch with your deepest desires.

Your deepest desires are the things you absolutely crave to do.  The things that give you that magical sense of flow when you don’t even realize that time has passed while you were working.

Only your deepest desires can motivate you to reach your greatest achievements.

So if you find your heart’s desire – something you’ve always wanted to do and you have the opportunity to do it – don’t hesitate and deliberate till you lose the impetus.

Go out there and get busy with crafting you life. And do it wholeheartedly – with passion!


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