A Red Rose
A World of Creativity

Creation and Destruction

The entire universe is shot through with elements of creation and destruction, with making and breaking, with living and dying.

And in the continuous interaction between life and death the destruction of the old brings forth the birth of the new.

For without destruction there would be no creation.  Without death there would be no life.

Together, creation and destruction form the complete picture of life in all its nobility and ephemeral beauty.

We would not look at the fragile beauty of a rose with such poignancy if we thought that it would last forever.

Its beauty is enriched by its evanescent moment in time; its loveliness enhanced because we know it will decay.

The beauty of a sunset or the loveliness of a rainbow would be diminished if we thought they would last forever.

And life is more poignant because it is fleeting like a beautiful butterfly on a summer’s day.

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