Blogging is a creative craft

Down with Scraped Content for blogs

Down with scraped content – those bits and pieces of text automatically swiped from other people’s articles by some clever piece of software.

Down with those disconnected sentences that are so meaningless you need a translator to help you understand them.

Who wants to plough through reams of inferior stuff whose only purpose it is to confuse the search engines?

Many PLR articles too, are mostly poorly written rejects that their authors are too embarrassed to own publicly.

Bloggers often find it difficult to update their blogs with fresh content on a regular basis. Of course it’s difficult and of course, as bloggers, we’re all game for a short cut here and there. But blogging is a craft and it’s a creative one at that.

A page or two of original writing has more value than volumes of meaningless scraped content. That is why blogging should never be an exercise in scraping bits and pieces from the Internet just to get regular content out.

If you don’t feel like blogging for a week or two – then so be it.  Just blog when you feel like it. But let it be your own writing with your own original thoughts.

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