A World of Creativity

Creative Thinkers are Fearless

Are creative thinkers truly fearless people?

In most cases, yes!  They aren’t deterred by public opinion and they aren’t scared of flouting convention.

Convention is a stifler.  It kills creativity and no creative person can function in a restrictive environment.

As a creative thinker you have to be willing to kick over the traces. To be able to challenge well-established boundaries you cannot concern yourself with what other people think.

To break new ground you have to be able to think freely.  And to create new ideas without worrying about maintaining the old conventions you have to be fearless.

It’s well known that societies that are too predictive stifle their artists. Even so, there have been many brave thinkers who were not stifled by the conventions of the societies in which they moved.

Scientists like Galileo, artists like Picasso and writers like Salman Rushdie today are good examples of fearless, creative thinkers.  They were not only intellectually fearless – that goes without saying – but with regard to Galileo and Rushdie their physical liberties were also severely compromised.

People like these have independent spirits. They are the creative thinkers who are able to crack open the old moulds and set free new, exciting or even revolutionary ideas.

We don’t all have such independent spirits but we all have some latent form of creativity. What we need to do is learn to respect our own creativity and above all, act on it.

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