Handwriting Analysis

Face to Face with yourself – through your Handwriting

It’s a strange phenomenon but it’s perfectly true; when you study or learn handwriting analysis you’re bound to come face to face with yourself sooner or later.  At some stage, you’ll find yourself confronting the bare facts of your own personality.

It’s like looking into one of those make-up mirrors where your face becomes enlarged and you can see every crease and every pore. It isn’t always a pretty sight.

It takes a little time but eventually you learn to come to terms with yourself and to accept yourself with all your flaws and blemishes.

Eventually, after a good deal of self-analysis, you get over that self-conscious stage and start focussing on other people.  And that’s a lot easier!  It’s much more fun to focus on someone else’s flaws and wrinkles!

But then reality takes over.  You realize that we are all made up of the same building blocks; and that the only thing that differentiates us – is that the blocks are arranged in different patterns!

Working out the different permutations becomes unendingly fascinating.

This is the magical “Aha” moment and this is when you really get into it. There are even those who become quite obsessed with it. Regard this as fair warning!

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