Organic Home Gardening

A Home Garden without any Toxic Spray

I love home gardening- it really is a passion with me.  But there is an area of gardening that I find difficult to come to terms with – spraying for pests and diseases.

We all know that toxic sprays damage the environment.  But it damages our own gardens too. It upsets the delicate balance of nature and as a result, you find yourself having to use poisonous sprays and fertilizers more and more.

Obviously this has a toxic build-up and there are side effects. Not only are poisonous sprays dangerous to human health; they make your pets suffer too.

All this can spoil any gardening experience. And that is why I decided to join the organic gardening fraternity.

Years ago, Prince Charles got a lot of flack when people found out that he was into organic gardening. Many jokes went the rounds about how he was secretly chatting up his favourite plants. But the joke is on us!  His organic farms thrived. And now he is the one smiling his rueful “I told you so” smile as gardeners everywhere try to follow his example.

Organic gardening simply makes sense in these ecologically challenging times. And now that America too is going greener after getting involved with the Kyoto protocol we will find that environmentally friendly gardening will become more and more popular.

But I digress. I was talking about poisonous sprays.  The bottom line is that I don’t use them. I have found some great alternate methods – some really effective non-toxic sprays that are easy to make – and best of all, are completely safe for your home garden.

You’ll find several helpful and easy recipes for non-toxic sprays at It’s all about growing roses and vegetables the safe, organic way.

I just discovered a detailed online book about getting rid of pests organically – without  poisons. You  may  be interested too.  Here it is:

Organic Pest Control
Organic Pest Control

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