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A Sad Love Story about Two Birds

Here is a truly sad love story about two birds – two swallows, in fact – that I defy anyone to watch dry-eyed.

I was sent an email that undoubtedly did the rounds at some time but I hadn’t seen it. At any rate, it has a set of some amazing pictures showing a swallow crying in distress after his mate was hit by a car.

At first the swallow anxiously tries to feed his injured mate. But she dies and he tries to lift her up in vain.  Then realizing that she won’t get up, he just stands over her lifeless body and cries.

I must warn you; this is not for the faint-hearted – it’s a real tear jerker. The series of pictures is quite heart-rending.

Apparently these photos were sold to a famous French newspaper for a small fee. The paper sold out that same day and millions of people wept over them.  If you watch the short series you’ll see exactly why.

There are many true stories like this about animals who show great heart.  So isn’t it astonishing how some people still insist that animals don’t have feelings?

If you have a story about an animal showing real feeling – please add it to the comments below and maybe we can convince a few people that animals do have feelings.

If you’re keen to see the pictures you will find them at Relationship World

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