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You are what you Create – So what are you Creating?

If you are what you create, you had better sit up and take a careful look at what you’re doing right now. Because what you’re creating – or not creating – is a clue to who you are and what you are doing with your life.  The type of creativity you are involved in is an expression of who you are.

Most of us don’t realize how much we are already engaged in the process of creating. Often you will hear someone say; “I’m just not creative.” But creativity is not about artwork alone. It covers a very wide spectrum and if you look carefully, you’ll begin to recognize all the wonderful areas of creativity that you are already involved in.

Creativity is one of the noblest activities in which we can participate. Even the tiniest act of creation is a significant part of the bigger picture.  Creation is a part of life and the more we create, the more we affirm our existence.

Everywhere we look we see the signs of creativity around us. They’re present in nature from the constantly evolving stars above us to the smallest insects on earth.

Just think of bees.  They are among the most creative creatures in the insect world. Do we ever stop to wonder how they create each hexagonal cell of a honeycomb to align perfectly with every other hexagonal cell of a perfectly designed honeycomb? And by the way, we have copied their honeycomb patterns in our aircraft and building industries.

Do we ever stop to marvel at the expertise of birds as they build their intricate nests from carefully selected materials?

In human terms, our civilizations are the result of the combined creativity of the peoples of the world.  Our cities, our aeroplanes and our technology are the end products of our creativity.

But even more important than the structures that we have created around us is the ability to think creatively.  That is where it all started for us. We have reached our present level of civilization by building on the creative ideas of previous generations.

Everything we have ever done or continue to do involves creativity. No matter how large or small, our various crafts, activities and creative ideas are a valuable contribution to the greater world of creativity. We are participating in the ongoing process of our planet’s evolution.

And so when we are actively involved in our various interests and hobbies; in our various arts and crafts, no matter how small, we are doing on our own personal level what we were always meant to be doing.  We are crafting and creating along with the rest of the world!

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