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The Great Pumpkin Adventure

The Great Pumpkin Adventure is a success story of great magnitude. Or put another way; small beginnings lead to great results.

I’m talking about pumpkins – yes, the ordinary garden variety. And this is how it happened.

I kept a few pumpkin seeds from a really good pumpkin we had bought at the supermarket.  And like Jack and the beanstalk the day arrived when I decided to plant them. Just 6 seeds at the bottom of my garden.

Now the garden is slightly sloped so they were out of sight and I forgot about them until a few weeks later when I saw some big healthy pumpkin leaves.  It didn’t take long before yellow pumpkin flowers started to develop and soon one plant in particular began to trail down the slope bearing lots of little white pumpkins.

A few good rains and some overhead watering and the pumpkins really started to take on a life of their own.  It wasn’t too long before I began to invite visitors to see our giant pumpkin plant with its huge white pumpkins.

They are still thriving at the bottom of the garden and now each pumpkin is so huge that I need help to carry it up the slope.

I’m still giving away pumpkins to friends and family and I’ll have plenty to last through the coming winter. The joys of organic gardening!  No fertilizers beyond a little compost and certainly no toxic sprays or poisons.

Next time I’ll share my excellent pumpkin fritter recipe. They’re puffy and delicious.

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