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The Lion and Mouse Personality Test

Lion or mouse? Which one describes you best?

If you want to know if you have the personality of a lion or a mouse there’s an easy way to find out. That is, if you didn’t  know already!

Simply take a critical look at your handwriting.

But don’t imagine that being a lion is any better than being a mouse.  Neither of these categories is superior – just different.  Here’s why:

A lion is a leader, noble, arrogant, and demanding. He revels in the limelight and takes admiration and all that goes with it for granted – but he is also obstinate and indifferent to the plight of others.  Some of his qualities are not entirely desirable unless they are mixed with some ameliorating factors to dilute them.

So who’s perfect?

A mouse on the other hand is industrious, active, intuitive, mentally alert and inquisitive for knowledge. But then he is also shy, timid and lacking in self-confidence. The typical mouse is someone who avoids the limelight and likes to work in the background.

So are you a lion or a mouse?

You’ll find that these two animal characters are easily identifiable in your handwriting.

It’s quite fascinating to see how the lion and mouse characteristics come out so clearly once you are aware of them.

To show you, I have put up samples of the lion and mouse handwritings together with their explanations at Graphic Insight.

It’s a fun personality quiz but you’ll be able to see the differences at a glance.

Do comment below and let me know if any of this applies to you – or to someone you know.

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