Handwriting Analysis

How to Find your Personality Type

If you want to find your personality type there are several tests that will help you to do this. Personality typing simply means classifying people according to their personalities. As such it has become an important aspect of many psychological tests.  It’s used widely in companies and organizations that rely on personality assessments for the recruitment of their staff.

The most famous and well-known personality types of all are undoubtedly the introvert and extrovert categories of personality invented by Jung. They are such accepted descriptions of personality today that most personality tests have incorporated them into their systems in one way or another.

Just think of the MBTI personality test which is based on Jung’s typology – details of which can be found in his very intellectual tome “Psychological Types”.

Finding your true personality type isn’t always easy because there are so many systems to choose from.

There are all sorts of personality tests and typologies that I won’t go into here because I have given them some coverage at Graphic Insight.

Now many of these personality tests are well researched and far be it from me to run them down. However, you will have gathered that I favour handwriting analysis as a quick and reliable way to find your personality type.

But I just want to throw in a little light-heartedness here that I think is based on a certain amount of truth. It’s all about an Animal Personality Typology that I have devised in relation to handwriting.

So next time I’ll describe The Lion and Mouse Personalities for you. And yes, you’ll be able to find aspects of them in your very own handwriting.

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