Handwriting Analysis

Test your Personality with Handwriting

There are so many personality tests and quizzes to choose from that it can be rather confusing. Clearly you would want to find a reliable personality test but these are often flawed from the start because you have to depend on the answers of the person who is being tested.

And who of us is impartial when it comes to giving information about ourselves?

If, on applying for a job, you were given a questionnaire asking about your degree of honesty, intelligence or energy how would you fill it in?

Exactly!  So would I.

That is why a handwriting test is so useful. You simply can’t bluff when it comes to your own handwriting. Your personality is out there on the line for any handwriting analyst to see.

If you would like to find out more about checking your personality through your handwriting you can go to the Graphic Insight Personality Centre.

My next post will be about personality types and how this will help you to find out more about your personality.

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