Creating a Rose Garden

The Best Rose in my Garden

If I had to choose the best rose in my garden it would have to be Double Delight.  If you only have space for one rose bush in your garden I would heartily recommend this lovely rose.

Double Delight is a large bi-coloured rose in cream and scarlet. It starts off mostly cream but as it gets older in the sun the outer petals change from cream to red.

The most Fragrant Rose
Double Delight is without doubt one of the most fragrant roses in my garden.  The scent is outstanding.  Just a few of these roses can fill any room with their wonderful perfume. As an added bonus, they last very well as cut flowers.

My Double Delight rose bush is completely covered with huge flowers throughout most of the season. The bush is sturdy and compact, disease free and keeps repeating its blooms over and over.  There is also a climbing Double Delight that I want to try soon.

A bi-colour Rose
If this rose is planted in strong sunlight the colour ranges from cream to deep scarlet.  Otherwise the red remains somewhat subdued. But mainly, the rose is a combination of cream suffused with carmine or deep red.

Some people have commented that their Double Delight roses are mostly cream with only a bit of carmine along the edges. The reason for this is that the rose bush probably gets too little sunlight.  The most striking colour combinations can only be achieved if the rose is planted in direct sunlight.

The Double Delight in my garden is a combination of cream and rich red. You can see an actual photo of one of these Double Delight roses in my garden

In all my experience, I have never found two of these roses that are identical. There are so many factors that can influence the quality and colour of the blooms.

The position of your rose garden, the weather, the feeding and the soil conditions will all combine to make Double Delight a unique specimen in your rose garden.

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