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The Secret Story of Jill’s Amazing Memory

How a woman’s amazing memory wowed the scientific world and set the media alight.

Jill Price had always wanted the story of her amazing memory kept a secret. And so it was.  For 8 years scientists studied her at the University of California, Irvine but as agreed, they kept her secret closely guarded.

Then in 2006 she decided to “come out” and her story appeared in a newspaper.

When the story broke the scientific world and the media went wild.

She was interviewed by Oprah and was featured in many TV shows and interviews.  When she was interviewed by Diane Sawyer on ABC News, she knew to the exact day when Princess Grace died: when Jr from Dallas was shot; when the Unibomber was arrested and when the L. A. Riots took place.  And there was more.

When questioned about it she explained that hers was an autobiographical memory.

This means that she remembers things in relation to her own life.  Her memory is based on her own personal history.  So much so, that her recall of some event not linked in any way to her personal life is not spectacular. She admitted that she was not a brilliant student at school and that she even found it difficult to memorize a poem. Everything that she remembers so perfectly has to be related in some way to an incident in her own life.

Jill, who is about 45 now, spent most of her life in Los Angeles where she works as a school administrator. She lives with her parents because she is a collector of personal memorabilia that she can’t bear to part with.

She suffers from separation anxiety to the extent that a move away from her family home would be too much for her to bear.

A very Strange Handwriting

Jill has chronicled the highly detailed story of her life in a journal that contains 50 thousand pages of her very strange handwriting set up in columns like a newspaper.

I have reproduced an excerpt from one of these columns to show how closely her amazing memory is tied up with her personality and reflected in her handwriting.

Take a look at Jill’s unusual handwriting and see what you can make of it. You will see immediately how strange and crowded it is.  Is this the handwriting of a genius or simply an oddity?

At the website you will find an explanation of her handwriting which will give you some insight into her personality.

And no it isn’t magic or anything esoteric. Take a look at the handwriting sample and then tell me if you aren’t amazed at what handwriting can tell you even at a first glance.

Here it is: The strange handwriting of The Woman with the Amazing Memory.

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