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The Biggest Creative Experiment ever

Talk about craft and create!

The biggest creative experiment ever attempted surely has to be the Large Hadron Collider. With its 27 kilometres of underground tunnel between Switzerland and France the Hadron Collider is like some huge monster waiting to come to life.

Scientists are understandably very excited about its potential for scientific discovery.

What exactly are they hoping to find?

They’re hoping to find the holy grail of science that even escaped Einstein – the theory of everything.

They hope to get an understanding of the link between spinning atoms and revolving galaxies.  They hope to find an unseen particle called the Higgs Boson that presumably provides mass and recognizable shapes to everything we see. And then there’s that mysterious dark matter floating around that no-one has yet set eyes on.

That’s an awful lot to hope for!  But then they spent 10 years and probably just as many billions of dollars in the making of this experiment.  Can they be blamed for hoping for some major insights?

It all started off well with some wildly successful moments – a sort of successful “bang” – but it soon became a sad whimper when a sudden glitch set the experiment back by many months.

Some people will be nodding their heads wisely recalling the biblical story of the Tower of Babel. Could this be another lesson of presumptuousness? Remember those frightening YouTube depictions of possible ways that our planet could meet its demise?

Well, unless our planet spirals down a black hole when the Hadron Collider comes alive, here are some other crafts and creations of a somewhat lesser kind!

If you have any special information about the Hadron Collider please add your comments.  Every crafter needs to learn!

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