A World of Creativity

Your Craft and your Personality

Do you know that your craft or hobby says a great deal about your personality?

Your craft or hobby has a special place in your life. You chose it because it’s important to you. So important, in fact, that it becomes a part of you.

We all create. It’s the business of our lives. Knowingly or unconsciously, we are all in the process of crafting or creating something.

Not only do we communicate our thoughts and ideas through our crafts – by expressing our creativity we also reveal our individuality. It’s obvious really.  Our interests define our personalities.

There are many kinds and many levels of creativity from baking a cake to building a house; from producing a cave painting to creating a symphony; from arranging a bowl of flowers to writing a masterpiece.

These are all ways in which we express ourselves.

If you enjoy a particular craft or have a special interest in some hobby or area of creativity, please share it here by adding your comments. We all need inspiration!

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