Handwriting Analysis

Elizabeth Fritzl Wrote a Diary during her Captivity

It is now well known that Elizabeth Fritzl wrote a diary during her captivity. In the depth of her despair she may have found a small measure of solace in creativity.  No doubt this diary will attract a lot of interest in the media.

It has been said that she used it to write up important events in her life such as the births of her children as well as the death of her little son.

We don’t know if she included any of her personal feelings or not. She may have hidden the diary away terrified that her father would discover it. She was probably too frightened to write very much and we can only wonder if she wrote about her fears and sufferings with any detail. She was only 11 when she was already being abused by her father.

That’s why it’s so moving to see an actual sample of Elizabeth Fritzl’s handwriting when she was very young. It tells us so much.

There’s emotion in every letter and stroke on the page. The gentle, girlish handwriting is already fraught with tension and shows clear signs of fear and helplessness.

It’s very easy to see once the signs are explained:-  here is Elizabeth Fritzl’s handwriting.

Elizabeth remained in hiding while Josef Fritzl went on trial.  Interesting that he was an electrical engineer by profession.  It just goes to show what little influence education can have on morality.

There are many instances in history that prove this – but the bottom line is that no amount of knowledge or education could equip him to deal decently with his family.

Sadly, his abused daughter is forever damaged and has had to take refuge in a psychiatric hospital together with the children he fathered.

Elisabeth Fritzl is now 42 and remains permanently, emotionally scarred.  What damage her children suffered can only be guessed at. Here is her handwriting. See what you can make of it.


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