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Can you be Creative and Organized at the same time?

Is it possible to be both creative and organized at the same time? Or does being organized cancel out your ability to be creative?

There is no doubt that being creative requires a certain amount of discipline, a sense of direction and focus.

We all need to use a certain amount of organization in order to produce creative work. Without these things we would produce nothing. A writer can draw on many sources of inspiration but without discipline the page would remain blank.

I suppose it depends a lot on an artist’s make up and attitude. But I know that I would get a mental block or at least a feeling of sterility if I was faced with too much discipline and perfection. I would certainly get artist’s block if I had to work in a highly organized studio where paint brushes were neatly arranged according to size and the atmosphere was too clean and clinical.

Imagination thrives on unusual mixes and combinations. Putting together unusual textures, colours and shapes leads to an explosion of possibilities. These are the germs of creativity.

All kinds of possibilities can arise from a chaotic soup. In fact, the world itself arose from chaos.

A little bit of wildness and disarray is good for the soul.

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