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A Blogger’s Declaration of Independence

My declaration of independence. What a joyful feeling of liberation to be free of Google’s Panda or Penguin updates and petty restrictions so that I am able to do my own thing!

There are Dragons Lurking in the Forest

Make no mistake. Dragons do exist. We may not be living in forests any longer but there are real dragons lurking out there.

Down with Scraped Content for blogs

Blogging is a creative craft

Down with scraped content – those bits and pieces of text automatically swiped from other people’s articles by some clever piece of software.

The Amazing Twitter Craze – To Tweet or not to Tweet

The twitter craze is a birdlike chat cult that has spread into a worldwide feeding frenzy. It’s humungous.

The Worst thing about Blogging

The very worst thing about blogging is that it’s supposed to be so easy! The word out on the street is that a blog only takes about 6 minutes or so to set up.  Well, that’s what they say. But the truth is that I found setting up my blog a nightmare. It took me […]

The Best Thing About Blogging

One of the best things about Blogging is that it helps you to organize your thoughts and ideas in a systematic way.  What a win for writers!  The intuitive blogging software helps you to file your material in such a way that your precious thoughts and ideas don’t get lost. In the beginning it’s often […]

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