The Worst thing about Blogging

The very worst thing about blogging is that it’s supposed to be so easy!

The word out on the street is that a blog only takes about 6 minutes or so to set up.  Well, that’s what they say. But the truth is that I found setting up my blog a nightmare.

It took me over 2 months of fanatical determination bordering on the obsessive to get my blog to behave in a semi-coherent fashion. Eventually, after much sighing and gnashing of teeth things began to improve a little. But no sooner had I begun to relax when I came upon a brand new minefield.


Adding images to blogs is an area all on its own. It requires a PhD in blogging to get your text to wrap properly around a picture.

But what made things even worse for me was the thought of those millions of bloggers out there blogging successfully and with such apparent ease.  It made me feel really stupid.  But then I suppose it’s something like learning to ride a bike or drive a car. You feel as if you’re the only person in the world battling it out alone while everyone else is doing it so easily.

Meanwhile, I did discover the helpful blogs of Yaro Starak and Codrut Turkano and made good use of their tutorials.  But they’re busy folk and like other internet celebrities they’re just about impossible to contact.

The bottom line is that if you have a problem that isn’t completely standard, you’re on your own.  You’ll have to learn how to do everything yourself.  And that really is one of the worst things about blogging.

There is one small advantage, however.  Once you have overcome a particular hurdle – no matter how small – you reach expert status in that area.  Simply because it will have taken you so long to learn all the possible permutations. In which case consider yourself qualified!

It’s now  OK to set up your brass plate and announce that you have learnt how to insert an image into a blog post and that you are therefore available for consulting.

And here’s some good news – I’ve heard it said that just like learning to drive a car, it’s also possible to learn how to blog.  So if you’re just starting out, take heart because you’ll get there eventually, I promise.

And I should know because it’s taken me several moons of determined battling to get there too.

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