A Blogger’s Declaration of Independence

Joyful feeling of liberationHow liberating it is to be a blogger!

What a joyful feeling of liberation to be free of  petty restrictions so that I am able to do my own thing!

Freedom to write whatever I like without having anyone look over my shoulder to see if I have followed their rules.

It’s like plunging into the sea stark naked and shouting at the waves: “who cares?”

What a joyful feeling!

Do you know what is the biggest secret that I have learnt as a blogger?

It’s the great secret of not caring about any updates or search engines protocols and all the SEO wisdom inflicted on the bloggers. 

It means not having to worry about SEO, about backlinks, or social  media or any other self-defeating and time-consuming activities considered to be search engine worthy.

It means simply writing as the spirit moves me.

Search engines come and search engines go but the content on your blog stays there as long as you want it to.

So here’s my Blogger’s Declaration of Independence!

I will continue to write whatever I like and how I like without bowing to the whims of search engines. There comes a time in your life when you have to decide to do your own thing.

So I will choose the subject matter and titles that please me.  And if I fall down in the serps and all manner of rankings – so be it.

But I will be free to romp about in my own blog just as I used to do as a toddler in the sea – starkers – while laughing and loving every minute of it!

If this applies to anything in your own life – be my guest!



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