A World of Creativity

Were you Born with a Spark of Creativity?

Creative SparkWouldn’t it be wonderful if we were all born with that spark of creativity we all admire so much?

Well guess what! We have all been given that creative capacity – for free. Each and every one of us has some form of creativity within us. It’s really just a matter of degree.

Unfortunately most of us don’t know it.

What a waste!

With some people a particular creative talent is so strong that it shows up very early in life.  Others go through life never ever realizing that they had creative potential and through lack of use it eventually disappears altogether.

Who knows what wondrous paths of excitement and stimulation we could have trodden – if only we had known and worked with our natural creativity.

The actual fact is that there are many different types and degrees of creativity. But it is up to us to discover which of these we have.

It’s quite easy to check for creativity with handwriting – which is one way to do it. There are other ways too, of  course.  But the bottom line is that we need to become more aware of our creativity so that it doesn’t go to waste.

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