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Handwriting analysis: understanding people and their hidden feelings

How to understand people

If you are interested in people, handwriting analysis is one of the most fascinating hobbies you could ever cultivate. It will lift your understanding of people to a whole new level.

Handwriting: A Reflection of the Times

Handwriting like art, manners and clothing reflects the society in which we live. When it comes to a skill that involves gaining a greater understanding of people – then Graphology wins hands down.

Get a New Hobby to add Meaning and Interest to your Life

A new hobby

Adding meaning and interest to your life is surely one of the most important things that you can do for yourself. And it isn’t all that difficult either.

The Meaning of Pretty Handwriting

It’s time to dispel one of the many myths about pretty handwriting. The fact is that pretty handwriting isn’t the most desirable type of writing to aspire to.

Michael Jackson’s Signature Reveals his Inner Conflict

Michael Jackson’s signature reveals a lot about his mental outlook and inner conflict. He envisioned himself as a heroic figure like the ones in fairy tales where knights and princes wore wondrous outfits and performed fantastic deeds.

The Trials and Tribulations of Writing about Genius

But once I had my brilliant 30 neatly tucked into a genius folder, what a revelation it was! The handwritings were all so completely different and individualistic. How to find the mark of genius if indeed there was one?

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