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Michael Jackson’s Signature Reveals his Inner Conflict

Signatures are not always the best indicators of personality. They tend to hide rather than reveal information. But Michael Jackson’s signature in its simplicity reveals a lot about him.

It epitomizes the dichotomy in his personality and reveals his inner conflict.

It shows his removal from reality, his insecurity, and his need to be the embodiment of the heroic life he so admired.

Signatures change.

Signatures grow and develop with the changes in our personalities – and this is particularly true in the case of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson early signatureIf you take a look at one of his earlier signatures you will see how it started off as being rather simple and practical.

The words are legible and easy to read. Each letter is easily identifiable.

But the following signature is very different and shows a big personality change. Notice how angular it is in comparison with the earlier signature.

Over time Michael Jackson’s signature changed considerably and became a far more delicate, fragile and ethereal expression of his personality.

A very Different Signature

The most striking thing about it is the huge discrepancy between the body of the signature and the soaring upper zone that seemed to touch the stratosphere of his ambitions.Michael Jackson Signature

And then note how it plummets from great heights into great depths as well. Depression and euphoria were never far away.

His tragedy was that his real life and his fantasy life could never come together. They were poles apart.

The tiny body of the signature reflects his dissatisfaction with his ordinary, earth-bound self while the soaring upper zone reflects his boundless aspirations. It was all about the things he wanted to do, the things that he still hoped to achieve.

But his aspirations were so high that they caused him to lose touch with reality and inhabit more and more a strange world of fantasy. He poured his whole being into this world of fantasy until it became his reality.

And then look at that great circle which takes centre stage in his signature – the symbolic expression of his attitude to the importance of dance. It’s as if he feels that music and dance can bring it all together.

But Michael Jackson’s amazing success was not only due to his musical and dancing talent. It was a personality thing as well.

His remarkable versatility, his physical, mental and emotional agility, his soaring aspirations and his driving ambition allowed him to become the legend that he was.

A Romantic Vision

Michael Jackson in a fantastic outfitWe know how this translated into the facts of his life. How he wore outrageous uniforms and changed his physical appearance to fit in with his romantic vision of himself. How his ranch became the embodiment of the life-style he desired and how he named it Neverland after Peter Pan’s fictional home – Never Never Land.

It was the embodiment of his dreams – a place where no-one could grow old and where dreams could blend with reality.

Michael Jackson had never been happy with what he was born to.  So he crafted and honed his appearance, his personality and his whole being in order to become the romantic hero he so aspired to being.

He envisioned himself as a heroic figure like the ones in fairy tales where knights and princes wore wondrous outfits and performed fantastic deeds. He saw himself in the role of a dashing romantic hero who would not use a sword but would use his talents to turn his dreams into reality for his millions of fans.

It’s all in the Signature

All this can be seen in his signature which is the embodiment of his ambitions, his desires – and also his fears. His unusual signature reveals it all.

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