Handwriting Analysis

The Meaning of Pretty Handwriting

Do you wish you had pretty handwriting?

Or let me phrase it another way – do you wish you could change your handwriting to make it more beautiful?

So many people admire good penmanship.  The type of handwriting that looks artistically designed with pretty little scrolls and curlicues. Anyone with a pretty or decorative handwriting is much admired – even envied.

Then there are those less fortunate individuals with really ugly handwritings.  We’ve heard such handwriting described as “chicken scratchings” or worse.

Anyway, I think it’s time to dispel one of the many myths about pretty handwriting.

  • The fact is that pretty handwriting isn’t the most desirable type of writing to aspire to. And I’ll tell you why.

Graphologically speaking, a handwriting that is pretty and decorative and not much more reveals very little individuality or depth of personality.

Any writer who concentrates on the appearance and style of the writing is more focussed on the decorative aspect rather than on the desire to communicate meaningful information.

Here is an example of pretty handwriting:

Pretty writing

This writer is more concerned with appearances than with any serious intent. The focus is on form rather than on function – on decoration rather than intent.

Of course there is nothing wrong with that.

But take a look at this handwriting:


It may not be decorative but it shows individuality, strength and character.

Do you know whose handwriting that is?  None other than the great psychoanalyst Freud himself. You can read more about his handwriting at Freud and Jung

So where do you fit in? Maybe in-between or somewhere completely off the chart!

It doesn’t really matter. I have just tried to show that pretty handwriting is not the be all and end all of style and desirability.

So if your handwriting is less than pretty – relax. It may just show a bit of individuality!

And by the way, if you are interested in a seeing a light-hearted approach to graphology with lots of handwriting fun for beginners go to Graphology-World.


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