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The Truth about Organic Gardening

Nature will tell you what to do if you observe your garden carefully.

A Home Garden without any Toxic Spray

I love home gardening- it really is a passion with me.  But there is an area of gardening that I find difficult to come to terms with – spraying for pests and diseases. We all know that toxic sprays damage the environment.  But it damages our own gardens too. It upsets the delicate balance of […]

Scrumptious Pumpkin Fritters

Here is my tried and trusted recipe for the really Scrumptious Pumpkin Fritters that I promised you in my previous post about “The Great Pumpkin Adventure“. They turn out puffed and golden. 2 cups mashed pumpkin (500gm) ½ cup flour (125gm) 2 level teaspoons baking powder, Pinch of salt 1 beaten egg A little milk […]

The Great Pumpkin Adventure

The Great Pumpkin Adventure is a success story of great magnitude. Or put another way; small beginnings lead to great results. I’m talking about pumpkins – yes, the ordinary garden variety. And this is how it happened. I kept a few pumpkin seeds from a really good pumpkin we had bought at the supermarket.  And […]

Gardening – The Most Creative Hobby on Earth

Gardening is every bit as creative as any craft or hobby and it deserves to be top of the list of creative pursuits. Besides, it’s maintained its popularity for hundreds of centuries! A beautiful home garden is one of the finest things that you can ever create. It gives you all the scope you need […]

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