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My Organic Beans and their List of Complaints

What a fiasco! My beans plants were scrawny and miserable. The leaves were reduced to lace by an invasion of some nasty leaf eating insects. And obviously the yield was very poor. It was a total failure and my beans were complaining!

How I became an Organic Gardener with a Tomato

The taste of that chemical tomato still lingers and that makes me more determined than ever to try my hand at organic gardening.

Scrumptious Pumpkin Fritters

Here is my tried and trusted recipe for the really Scrumptious Pumpkin Fritters that I promised you in my previous post about “The Great Pumpkin Adventure“. They turn out puffed and golden. 2 cups mashed pumpkin (500gm) ½ cup flour (125gm) 2 level teaspoons baking powder, Pinch of salt 1 beaten egg A little milk […]

The Great Pumpkin Adventure

The Great Pumpkin Adventure is a success story of great magnitude. Or put another way; small beginnings lead to great results. I’m talking about pumpkins – yes, the ordinary garden variety. And this is how it happened. I kept a few pumpkin seeds from a really good pumpkin we had bought at the supermarket.  And […]

Easy Creamed Spinach Recipe

Here is the easy creamed spinach recipe I promised you.  It tastes even better when you use fresh spinach picked from your own garden.  And don’t forget – organic is best. I just read about someone asking about the pro’s and cons of irradiated spinach to kill bugs and make it last longer.  Well I […]

Grow Leafy Green Spinach in your Home Garden

Some gardeners attack their spinach plants with kitchen knives and cut down the entire plant. This is unnecessarily aggressive. It’s a total waste too because you lose the whole plant with one picking.

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