Creating a Vegetable Garden

How I became an Organic Gardener with a Tomato

How did I become an organic gardener? It happened overnight.  Over supper to be exact.

I bit into a lovely red tomato and tasted a mouth full of chemicals.  No lovely tomato flavour. Just pure chemical spray.

That was more than enough for me.  Not only was the taste terrible but can you imagine how unhealthy tomatoes like that must be?

And what about all those vegetables where you don’t taste the chemicals because you have cooked them into your stew? And what about serving up meals like this to your children?

Now I know that organic gardening is supposed to be more difficult.  Just think about the steep price of organically grown vegetables at the shops.  But the taste of that chemical tomato still lingers and that makes me more determined than ever to try my hand at organic gardening.

I have always had a special feeling about nature so it hasn’t been all that difficult to get into. I use a three-pronged approach that involves improving  the soil, using compost instead of artificial fertilizers and definitely no chemical sprays.

  • Soil care
  • Compost
  • No chemical sprays

And thereby hangs many a tale. In due course, I’ll let you know about some of my triumphs as well as my trials and tribulations!

You can read more about my adventures with organic gardening at Roses and Gardens

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