Children and Creativity

Teach your Children to be Creative

The greatest gift you can give your children is to teach them to be creative.

Your child’s birthday party has come and gone.  The gifts have all been opened and put aside.  And once again your child is bored.

Children these days are quickly jaded by cupboards full of bought toys. You have probably noticed how quickly they lose interest even with the most advanced mechanical toys. The only things that seem to keep their interest are their Xboxes and the TV. And we know how undesirable this is.

Whenever my children complained of being bored I told them; “go and tidy a draw!”  It didn’t take them long to find an alternative occupation!

The best gift you can give you child is to teach him or her how to be creative.  And this doesn’t mean giving them toys.

As a parent you will have noticed how your toddler soon gets bored with plastic toys and prefers to play with pots and pans on the kitchen floor. The pots and pans are real and have a different texture.  Somehow they are more interesting.

Children have inventive and imaginative minds.  Watch their eyes light up when you offer to help them make a garden or build a tree house.

Watch their contagious excitement when you suggest that they find out how to make real bows and arrows from branches of trees, or learn how to make and fly their own kites or create model villages in the sand. Or teach them how to press flowers

Creative children are never bored. It is up to us as parents to inspire them and encourage them to use their wonderful imaginations.

Teach your children to be creative and you will be giving them the greatest gift possible – something truly valuable that they will always be able to draw on for the rest of their lives.

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