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Learn Quilling and Create Exquisite Art out of Paper

I have just discovered the creative craft of quilling and not only is it fascinating – it’s completely addictive!

Quilled FlowersQuilling!  I had never heard the word before much less understood what it was all about.  And then I did some investigating and I was bowled over. It’s a lovely craft that uses strips of paper for making the most beautiful designs.

Quillers (that is what they are called) make the most amazing works of art. They roll narrow strips of paper and use these strips for creating their designs.

Some of these designs are very intricate and beautiful. But you can start off with the more simpler designs. Coloured paper is used to add wonderful effects.

Fortunately quilling is quite an easy craft to learn.

Anyone can learn to do it.  I imagine the simpler designs will be great for children to try.

The whole idea is to learn to roll and scroll paper in a special way. Then these scrolls are used to make the most fascinating designs. But the real art is in the designs themselves which are then framed.

Some of the creations are 3-dimensional figures and they can stand on their own. Quillers also make lovely folded roses, jewellery, necklaces and earrings. What fun it is to be so creative!

Apparently this is one of the quickest and easiest crafts to master – if you’re looking for a creative craft or hobby.

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