Creating a Rose Garden

The Biggest Rose in my Garden.

Garden Queen RoseThe biggest rose that I have ever seen is without doubt the lovely hybrid tea rose, Garden Queen.

This enormous rose has a wonderful fragrance, and is very eye-catching, not only because of its huge size and perfection of form but also because of its wonderful combination of colours that range from a deep pink to a rich deep violet.

Not only is this one of the biggest roses that I have ever seen – it also lasts a long time in the vase.  An added plus about Garden Queen is that the bush is sturdy, strong and vigorous and that it seems to be virtually disease free.

I only have to pick three of these huge blooms to fill a vase and they always make quite a talking point.

Another magnificent pink rose that I love is Flamingo. It’s a much lighter pink rose with its peachy centre and flamingo shade of pink on the open petals. But despite its very large size, this is a graceful rose. It’s a strong grower and the flowers last an incredibly long time in the vase.