Handwriting Analysis

The Rorshchach Test cannot Compare with Handwriting Analysis

The Rorschach test named after its founder Hermann Rorschach uses a picture of a large ink blot or splash of ink on a white piece of paper. The shape of the blot is supposed to remain a secret so that people taking the test can’t discuss it or know about it beforehand.  Anyone who takes this test is supposed to tell the tester whatever comes to mind as he looks at the blot.

Inkblots and Teddy Bears

For example one person looking at the ink blot could see a teddy bear while another could see a knight in armour drawing a sword.  From this the tester or psychologist is supposed to be able to deduce something about how that person’s mind works. He will presumably see in the picture something that is related to what is uppermost in his mind.  It’s all about the mental pictures you create when you gaze at the ink blot.

The Shapes of Clouds

Now there are all sorts of rules involved and a lot of secrecy too but I still think it’s something like lying on your back on a sunny afternoon watching a few clouds go by. The shapes of the clouds remind you of different things.  And most people see different pictures even while watching the same clouds.

Whether this reveals anything about your personality or not is debatable.  But those who believe in the Rorschach test seem to feel that the psychologists who administer these tests are able to find out some of your innermost secrets from what you say about the blot.

Now that’s all very well.  But remember that the inkblot has not been drawn by the person taking the test.  He is only trying to describe the picture created in his mind by looking at that ready made, secret blot.

Handwriting as a Test of Personality

To my mind, handwriting is a far more accurate test of personality. Your handwriting is something to which you are personally connected.  It belongs to you in the same way that your finger prints are your unique possession.

Your handwriting is intimately connected to your psyche. As you grow from childhood to adulthood your handwriting grows with you. As you mature, your handwriting matures with you. And as you start to age, your handwriting starts to tremble and take on certain aspects of your aging personality.

Handwriting reveals much more and the Graphologist – the handwriting expert who is trained to read it is able to tell a lot more about you than any tester could possibly find out from a blot of ink. If this interests you, check out “The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting” and see if you don’t agree with me.

OK that is what I think – if you disagree – tell me about it!

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