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The Fascinating Science of Begetting and “The Mark of Genius”

When I first decided to write “The Mark of Genius,” I began to wonder about the origin of the word “Genius” so I looked it up in my trusty little Latin-English dictionary.

I discovered that it came mainly from the Latin verb with its various parts; gigno, gignere, genui, genitum – to beget, bring forth or to cause.

The Mark of GeniusHow unhelpful, I thought!

What a tenuous connection to genius. And what possible link could it have with “begetting”?

And then the penny dropped.  Of course! The most important thing a genius could do was to bring forth a new idea or give birth to a new creation.

A genius would undoubtedly “beget” some new scientific discovery; produce a great work of art; or start a new social movement.

Now obviously, this advanced type of begetting is not in everyone’s daily to-do list.  It requires a person of special skill and ability – the ability of a genius.

It was an “aha” moment!

And that is how my book “The Mark of Genius” was begot or Begotten!