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How to Find out if your Child is a Victim of School Bullying

It often happens that when children get home from school they won’t tell you anything about the events of the day. That’s all very well under ordinary circumstances.  But if he or she is being bullied it presents a very real problem.

Children who are being bullied tend to be very reticent about it. In some ways they seem to be protecting their tormentors. Obviously this suits the bullies who get away with it and remain unpunished.

Presuming that your child is being bullied, why won’t he talk?

There are several reasons. For one thing, he won’t want you to think that he isn’t coping at school. And for another, he has probably been scared into silence. It won’t help at all to question him directly when he is doing his level best to conceal it.

There is always some underlying problem when a previously happy child is unwilling to go to school. Obviously it won’t always mean that bullying is to blame. But you should at least be aware that bullying is a possibility.

Some Tell-tale Signs of Victimization

Here are some of the signs to look for.

  • Your child may regularly complain about feeling ill – mostly on Monday mornings. It doesn’t mean that he is being devious. He simply doesn’t know of any other way to avoid the situation at school.
  • He may become moody and over-sensitive.
  • He is unhappy and hates school.
  • He is withdrawn and unable to participate properly in class activities.
  • He tries to avoid going into the playground.
  • His marks start to deteriorate.
  • He doesn’t like to talk about school.

Clearly this puts you in a difficult position. Because if your child won’t talk about it, how can you tell if he is being victimized?

Well, your child’s handwriting will give you many of the clues you need.  It goes right to the heart of the problem and it will give you much needed insight into your child’s emotional state.

You may think it strange to look at handwriting for answers. But take this seriously because you’ll get a lot of information this way.

Handwriting reveals unspoken feelings and emotions. It’s an ideal tool to help you assess your child’s emotional state of well-being. You can also use it very effectively to help you to identify sadistic tendencies in bullies. Because it reveals aggression and a predisposition to violence.

An understanding of handwriting can be very helpful in a situation of this nature. The possibilities and benefits are endless. If you would like to find out more you can go to School Bullying

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