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Barack Obama and the Sense of Destiny in his Handwriting

There was a flurry of writing and commenting about the inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States. I don’t want to add to all that – I just want to make a few comments about his handwriting.

In view of the inauguration I have put up a sample of Obama’s handwriting at Graphic Insight. In the sample you can see how fitting and appropriate his personality is for his office.

There’s a lot of quiet strength there and also modesty – the body of the writing is contained and small without any show or fanfare.

However, his signature is important and grand. But it does not come from a place of insecurity as most flamboyant signatures do.

Instead, it demands rather than requests recognition. There is a flair about it which shows that his public persona is far more important to him than his personal individuality. It is an indication that he is aware of the importance of the office he is about to fill.

There is also a rare symbolic significance with regard to the large O that dominates the “Obama” in his signature. It could almost be seen as a strange foreshadowing of his ascent to the “Oval Office”.

All in all, there is a sense of destiny in his handwriting and signature. But then you don’t have to look at his handwriting to see this.  It’s also etched in the lines and expression of his face.

Here is Barack Obama’s handwriting.

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