The Art of Writing Poetry

A petal dropsHere is a poem about the art of writing poetry. The idea is that poetry isn’t like any other form of writing.  Poetry is an art in itself and as such, is very close to the emotions of the writer.

While anyone can write an article and remain detached, writing a poem involves writing from the heart. That is why this particular poem has the title you see here.

So here it is:

A Poem is never Written Lightly

A poem is never written lightly;
to express a thought, a feeling or a prayer;
but torn from inner depths
and dredged from live emotion.

Then finely wrought and crafted, buffed and polished
and overlaid with coats of liquid pearl
it’s left to mellow over time
and glean its lustrous satin patina from
mantled layers of finely lacquered pain.

Only the yearning sough of the wind
Or the lightest breath of the softest sigh
can remove the fine dust of the filtering years
and allow it to glow.

copyright: craftandcreate.net 2009

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