Creating a Rose Garden

Do you Talk to your Roses? I do!

Talk to your roses
Talk to your roses

If you talk to your roses we’re on the same wavelength.  Because I talk to my roses every day.  As I walk up and down the rose beds I have an encouraging word for each one.  Sometimes it’s a word of admiration – at other times a nod of recognition.  Then I go in and deadhead any spent roses making appropriate comments all the while.

Ok so you think I’m nuts!  It doesn’t really matter as long as we all remember that roses are living things.  They may not have blood running through their veins but they do have veins and they do have green sap running through them.

Roses like to be admired.  They like to be touched and smelled and appreciated.  This type of communication is important.  My roses respond hugely to a kind word or two by putting out excellent growth and a profusion of blooms.

At any rate, communicating in this way isn’t totally off the wall because I can tell as soon as they need water, or mulching or a good dose of rich compost.

All this keeps my rose bushes healthy. Then, as soon as the first flush of roses has passed, long red shoots begin to emerge from the base of each bush. These shoots are proof of the vigour of the rose bush. They hold within them the promise of the future.  Because when they mature they will be topped with sprays of fresh roses.

Healthy, happy roses respond in the only way they can – with generosity and an abundance of healthy blooms.  So yes, I talk to my roses and it works!

More about my crazy methods with roses at my website and find out about the top five roses in my garden .  You can find tips for growing roses at  rose care


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