Press Flowers for the Pure Joy of it

There’s something very special about the craft of pressing flowers. Maybe it’s so special because it involves working with real flowers at the peak of their beauty.

Nothing can compare with the joy of working with real flowers. Not only because of their beauty but because they hold a special meaning for us.

I think that part of this meaning lies in a flower’s fragility and fleeting existence. We know that it will only last for a short while.

A flower is but a brief moment in time.

Pressed flowersWhen you press a flower you capture that moment in time and preserve it in a picture where it will always be able to jump-start a memory.

It can be a flower from a wedding bouquet, a leaf from a memorable holiday or a gift from a loved one.

Pressing flowers isn’t just about sticking flowers to cardboard. It’s so much more than that. Pressing flowers connects us with nature.

It’s a way to appreciate the joyful little things that money can’t buy, like a new bud, a curved tendril or a delicate petal.

It makes us more aware of the beauty in nature and gives us a way of looking at the world with appreciative eyes.


How to press flowers

How to find Creative Inspiration

Finding creative inspiration

Creativity and inspiration are deeply connected. While creativity is about thinking outside the box and letting your thoughts run free, inspiration is the starting point.

It’s difficult to be creative without inspiration. Inspiration breathes life into the process of creativity. In fact, the word “inspired” comes from the same root as “to respire”- to breathe.

There are many ways to encourage your own inspiration. Try the following tips and see what inspired ideas you can come up with. You may surprise yourself!

How to Press Flowers For Greeting Cards – 5 Helpful Tips to Get You Started

How to Press Flowers

Pressed flowersOne of my favourite crafts is pressing flowers. If you haven’t tried it yet you don’t know what you’re missing!

I use pressed flowers to make greeting cards and pictures and they always attract attention. But most of all, I enjoy making them.

Greeting cards made with pressed flowers are completely different from the ordinary printed variety. And you don’t have to be particularly artistic – the flowers do everything for you!

Here are 5 of my flower pressing tips to get you started:

Crafting your Life with Passion

Crafting your life with passionI have discussed several types of crafts and creative interests in these posts where I have included some of my own interests as well as a number of other crafts.  

Of course there is so much in this field that I have not yet touched upon. 

But before I get diverted, there is one type of craft that I think is far more important than any of the others.

And yes – it’s about

Crafting your own life!

So many of us go through life from day to day at half mast! We get through the boredom of our daily tasks and sigh with relief as we tick them off our “to do” lists.

The Art of Listening is as dead as the Dodo

Listening is dead as the DodoThe art of listening is fast disappearing into the realms of extinction together with the dodo and the sabre toothed tiger. We simply don’t have time to listen any more – we’re far too busy talking!  We’re constantly sending out messages – with mobile phones, emails, faxes, videos and so on.

Our technological advances in communication are so sophisticated that we are even communicating on an interplanetary level.  Right now projects like Seti are broadcasting messages to outer space – Hello someone!

Fascinating no doubt. Unfortunately our ability to listen hasn’t kept up with our technology. In fact our listening skills were at their best when as spellbound clansmen we listened to skin-clad hunters relating their adventures around the cave fire.

Our listening skills have certainly deteriorated since then.


Our Capacity to Listen

The reason is that our capacity to listen has been drowned out by the noise of our civilization. Noise has become so loud and obtrusive that we automatically shut it out till we can no longer hear it.

A Blogger’s Declaration of Independence

Joyful feeling of liberationHow liberating it is to be a blogger!

What a joyful feeling of liberation to be free of  petty restrictions so that I am able to do my own thing!

Freedom to write whatever I like without having anyone look over my shoulder to see if I have followed their rules.

It’s like plunging into the sea stark naked and shouting at the waves: “who cares?”

What a joyful feeling!

Do you know what is the biggest secret that I have learnt as a blogger?

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