Handwriting analysis: understanding people and their hidden feelings

How to understand people

If you are interested in understanding people, handwriting analysis is one of the most fascinating hobbies you could ever cultivate. It will lift your understanding of people to a whole new level.

We’ve all come across people who hide behind a facade of pretense and whose real personalities are completely camouflaged. With handwriting analysis you can remove the mask in minutes.

Family members, friends, competitors and even rivals will be easier to understand. Not only will it help you to understand the people nearest and dearest to you, you will also be able to see into the characters of those not so dear to you!

When you study someone’s handwriting you are not only looking at the written page.  You are delving into a real live person’s feelings, motives and behaviour.

Taking up a craft to Boost Your Mental Health

Taking up a craft

Taking up a craft can really change your life. Not only can it make you more inventive, and productive, it can also give you several health benefits.

Taking up a craft has been proved to aid those suffering from anxiety and the after-effects of trauma.

A craft demands focus and because of this it helps you to break any negative thought-cycles. In many cases it helps people to heal and get over their anxieties.

How Perfectionism kills creativity

Girl drawing

Don’t let perfectionism kill your creativity. I’ve seen it happen to people many times.

You see, perfectionism is a fear of making mistakes.  It’s a fear of failure. And it’s precisely that fear of failure that paralyzes you and prevents you from challenging your paradigms.

For example, what is writer’s block if not a form of perfectionism where you get paralyzed because you are too afraid to make a mistake?

Mistakes are an important part of the creative process. If you want to create  something you have to be prepared to make mistakes and stick your neck out. Creativity is not for the faint of heart.  It’s for the bold and brave in spirit!

Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions

Goal setting for the New Year

Over the years discussing our New Year’s resolutions has turned into a rather scary tradition in our family.

It takes place at the very first family dinner in the New Year when each person sitting around the table has to commit to at least one new goal for the coming year.

It can be somewhat daunting because if you haven’t set any goals you can be absolutely sure that the rest of the family are ready and waiting to pounce on you.

Funnily enough, there’s method in this rather bizarre tradition.  Because once you’ve announced your New Year’s resolution you are saddled with a commitment that you are forced to take seriously.

A Rich Traditional Fruity Christmas Cake


An Easy Traditional Fruity Christmas Cake with Brandy.
Here is an excellent Christmas cake that is very easy to make. It improves with age so it would be best to try to keep it for a while so that the flavours can blend and become even richer. It tastes good immediately but this is the type of cake that improves with time.  It lasts for ages (if your family can resist the temptation) so the big advantage is that you can bake it well before you need it.

The ingredients are easy to find and it takes only a few minutes to put together.  It’s one of those “add everything together” recipes that works every time.

After you have boiled the ingredients together you simply mix in the remaining dry ingredients and voila! Your cake is ready to pop into the oven.

You will be thrilled with this cake because even though it is so easy to make, it turns out perfectly every time. And for those first time bakers out there the good news is that it never falls in!

You can decorate this cake as you wish – with or without icing.

This recipe can be used over and over again – and you don’t have to restrict it to Christmas. It’s a flavourful rich fruit cake that will grace any party table throughout the year.

You’ll find the recipe at Fiverr


Pressing Flowers boosts Creativity and Reduces Stress

Pressed CoreopsisIf you’re on the lookout for an inspiring and creative craft that you can really enjoy you should think about pressing flowers.

For one thing, flower pressing is a wonderful boost to creativity – which is a gift in itself.  But it’s also a great stress reducer and that is certainly one of its most appealing qualities. It takes your mind off everything because it becomes quite addictive and all you need to do is concentrate on your lovely flowers and designs.

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