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Pressing Flowers boosts Creativity and Reduces Stress

If you’re on the lookout for an inspiring and creative craft that you can really enjoy you should think about pressing flowers.

Press Flowers for the Pure Joy of it

There’s something very special about the craft of pressing flowers. Maybe it’s so special because it involves working with real flowers at the peak of their beauty.

How to Press Flowers For Greeting Cards – 5 Helpful Tips to Get You Started

Greeting cards made with pressed flowers are completely different from the ordinary printed variety. And you don’t have to be particularly artistic – the flowers do everything for you! Here are 5 of my flower pressing tips to get you started

A Few Pressed Flowers – Pretty and easy to make

Here is a little pressed flower collage which is very easy to design when you have a few pressed flowers in stock.

How to Press Flowers with these Flower Pressing Secrets!

      Here is a simple collage of pressed flowers that I made for one of my greeting cards. As you can see it’s very colourful. No touching up – all the colours are natural. The only difference is that the actual picture is larger than the one I have reproduced here. Flower pressing […]

Hobbies and crafts for happiness and peace of mind

Hobbies and crafts play an important part in our lives.  In these turbulent times they bring a little sanity and peace of mind into our busy lives.  They centre us and give us many hours of contentment and happiness. A good hobby gives us something to escape to in the midst of tension and turmoil. […]

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