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A Rich Traditional Fruity Christmas Cake

  An Easy Traditional Fruity Christmas Cake with Brandy. Here is an excellent Christmas cake that is very easy to make. It improves with age so it would be best to try to keep it for a while so that the flavours can blend and become even richer. It tastes good immediately but this is […]

Learn Quilling and Create Exquisite Art out of Paper

I have just discovered the creative craft of quilling and not only is it fascinating – it’s completely addictive! Quilling is an amazingly creative art. Narrow strips of paper are rolled and used to create the most wonderful designs that are intricate and beautiful.

If you find Aladdin’s Lamp – Polish it.

How many times have you received an idea or an interesting resource that you’ve neglected to explore?  Have you ever wondered what it might have been like or what could have been if you had simply followed “The Road not Taken”? It’s as if you had found Aladdin’s lamp in a dark and musty cave […]

Work at Home Crafts

The best thing about getting involved in home crafts is that you can work at home, doing what you like and still be highly successful with the business you have chosen.

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