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The Fascinating Science of Begetting and “The Mark of Genius”

When I first decided to write “The Mark of Genius,” I began to wonder about the origin of the word “Genius” so I looked it up in my trusty little Latin-English dictionary. I discovered that it came mainly from the Latin verb with its various parts; gigno, gignere, genui, genitum – to beget, bring forth […]

The Rorshchach Test cannot Compare with Handwriting Analysis

The Rorschach test named after its founder Hermann Rorschach uses a picture of a large ink blot or splash of ink on a white piece of paper. The shape of the blot is supposed to remain a secret so that people taking the test can’t discuss it or know about it beforehand.  Anyone who takes […]

The Secret Story of Jill’s Amazing Memory

Jill Price had always wanted the story of her amazing memory kept a secret. And so it was. For 8 years scientists studied her at the University of California, Irvine but as agreed, they kept her secret closely guarded.

Elizabeth Fritzl Wrote a Diary during her Captivity

It is now well known that Elizabeth Fritzl wrote a diary during her captivity. In the depth of her despair she may have found a small measure of solace in creativity.  No doubt this diary will attract a lot of interest in the media. It has been said that she used it to write up […]

Face to Face with yourself – through your Handwriting

It’s a strange phenomenon but it’s perfectly true; when you study or learn handwriting analysis you’re bound to come face to face with yourself sooner or later.  At some stage, you’ll find yourself confronting the bare facts of your own personality. It’s like looking into one of those make-up mirrors where your face becomes enlarged […]

Obama’s Signature Speaks Volumes about him

More about Obama’s signature! Have you noticed on TV how Barack Obama adds his signature to a document? Being left-handed, he curls his hand in a protective gesture around his signature and seems to tackle it from above. The resulting signature is quite different from the rest of his rather conservative handwriting. If you look […]

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