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How Perfectionism kills creativity

Girl drawing

Don’t let perfectionism kill your creativity. Creativity is not for the faint of heart. It’s for the bold and brave in spirit!

Creating Cartoon Characters with Aluminum Foil

This 11-year-old boy collects the aluminium foils that his mother uses to pack his food with and then makes miniatures out of them.

Child Genius playing the piano at Carnegie

Take a look at this video and you too will be dumbstruck by this amazing little child genius. Here he is playing the piano at Carnegie.

Why Children don’t Climb Trees

To me one of the saddest things is that children in cities no longer know how to climb trees. They may have jungle gyms at school but how many of them have actually climbed a tree?

While we have become slaves to technology our children are paying a hefty price for it.

Do you still Color Inside the Lines?

Are you a rule follower? Or do you kick over the traces now and then? You may just find the answer from the way you applied your crayons to your drawings as a child.

Teach your Children to be Creative

The best gift you can give your child is to teach him how to be creative. And this doesn’t mean giving him toys. Watch his eyes light up when you offer to help him make a garden or build a tree house.

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