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Child Genius playing the piano at Carnegie

Take a look at this video and you too will be dumbstruck by this amazing little child genius. Here he is playing the piano at Carnegie.

A Few Pressed Flowers – Pretty and easy to make

Here is a little pressed flower collage which is very easy to design when you have a few pressed flowers in stock.

Creation and Destruction

A Red Rose

Together, creation and destruction form the complete picture of life in all its nobility and ephemeral beauty.

Creative Thinkers are Fearless

Are creative thinkers truly fearless people? In most cases, yes!  They aren’t deterred by public opinion and they aren’t scared of flouting convention. Convention is a stifler.  It kills creativity and no creative person can function in a restrictive environment. As a creative thinker you have to be willing to kick over the traces. To […]

Can you be Creative and Organized at the same time?

Does being organized cancel out your ability to be creative?I would get a mental block or at least a feeling of sterility if I was faced with too much discipline and perfection.

You are what you Create – So what are you Creating?

If you are what you create, you had better sit up and take a careful look at what you’re doing right now. Because what you’re creating – or not creating – is a clue to who you are and what you are doing with your life.  The type of creativity you are involved in is […]

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